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Would you like to work with other people, sharing experiences and learning from each other, growing together?

Are you interested in human relationships, communication, team work, and shared challenges?

Cruzada Patagónica receive volunteers from Argentina and abroad, temporarily or permanently, to work doing different things in our educative centers, offices and programs.

If you want to come and stay for some time to give us your help, you can stay for a fortnight or some months in our educative centers.

Central Administration : San Martín 678 | Q8371DFP Junín de los Andes, Neuquén, Argentine | (02972) 49-1262 |
Office at Buenos Aires : Agustin Alvarez 1502 Of. 10 | B1602, Florida, Buenos Aires, Argentine | +54 (011) 4795-7138 |

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