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From production to empowerment

The Rural Development area has been working with a productive approach, offering rural inhabitants opportunities for economic growth, improvement in their quality of life and strengthening of their management capacity and organization.

In situation of social vulnerability, residents of rural communities generally live on the breeding of goats and sheep, in little productive land, with desertification processes and without basic services. Based on their knowledge and work, Cruzada Patagónica Foundation proposes improvement and productive diversification, an easier access to water and to solar energy and the possibility of making handicrafts and tourism projects, as well as to accompany commissions, organizations and schools.

Actions are carried out in a sustainable way; agroecological activities tend to the promotion of biodiversity and to the recovery of ancestral practices. Working with revolving funds, with family groups and with the community, the empowerment and the exercise of citizenship are also achieved.

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