Opportunities for the development

Since 1982, Cruzada Patagonia Foundation has given educational opportunities to rural residents, especially young people, with the aim of stopping poverty and vulnerability and offering productive and personal tools for the economic, social and cultural development of themselves, their families and communities.

The lack of educational establishments in the vast areas of Patagonia is the main cause why young people do not study at high school. For this reason, Cruzada Patagonia Foundation has initiated- and is involved in- two public educational centers concerning social management. These centers, which also have a hall of residence for students, are agro- technical and free of charge. They are the CEI San Ignacio, in Junin de los Andes, Neuquen, and the CEA Cholila Valley, in Cholila, Chubut.

The integral conception of education tries to offer young people, and residents in general, the possibility of having broad knowledge in order to let them practice their citizenship entirely, motivate their critical and enterprising spirit and increase their alternatives of development and growth.

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