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How to help

-Joining the program Cruzada Patagónica Friends you can help the Foundation with a monthly donation from your Credit Card (America Express, Visa, Mastercard or Diners) or from your Bank Account in "Banco Provincial de Neuquén". Friends of Cruzada Patagónica Program is vital to cover general activities and contingencies. Call us to (+94) (+11) 4790 9366 or to (+94) (+2972) 491 262 or fill in the safe form (click here).

-Financing projects. Companies, individuals and foundations can ask us for the project folder with the actions the Foundation wants to implement and the priority needs of residents.

- Bringing or sending donations in kind to Junin de los Andes. There are really varied necessities, for example:
- Non-perishable food
- School supplies
- Shoes, warm clothes, blankets
- Water and electricity pumps
- Kitchen utensils
- Building materials
- Tyres for vehicles
- Furnitures
- Rolls of polyethylene of 200 microns
- Seeds, shovels, wheelbarrows and other tools
- Wires and nails, PVC irrigation hoses
- Free professional services (printing, photocopying, translation, design, event management, catering, transportation, etc.)
- Contacts with companies of agriculture categories.

- With voluntary services in Junin de los Andes, Cholila or Buenos Aires.

- Purchasing product of school's farms in the Free Fair of Junin de los Andes or in the office of Buenos Aires.

Central Administration : San Martín 678 | Q8371DFP Junín de los Andes, Neuquén, Argentine | (02972) 49-1262 |
Office at Buenos Aires : Agustin Alvarez 1502 Of. 10 | B1602, Florida, Buenos Aires, Argentine | +54 (011) 4795-7138 |

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