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Victims of inequality

In western Patagonia, especially in rural areas, there are people, families and entire communities -Mapuche and Creole- that live in absolute poverty, with vulnerabilities in all aspects.

In order to strengthen them as protagonists in their own history, Cruzada Patagonica Foundation works with them based on their strengths, their knowledge of their reality, their problems and their possible solutions, their knowledge of the land where they live and their ability to work and develop.

They are victims of social inequality and their development is restricted by their socioeconomic status: unemployment, illiteracy, poor accessibility to education and lack of basic services like water, electricity or communications.

Regarding health, communities have difficulty to access to health services; deaths due to curable diseases are really common and malnutrition is also common.

Culturally enslaved for centuries, communities live in marginal lands and with advanced processes of desertification. The geographical isolation and harsh climate exacerbate the overall picture.

From this starting point, Cruzada Patagónica Foundation approachs to rural villagers to join them in their development. Based on their knowledge and skills, with a vision of sustainable development consistent with their culture, Cruzada Patagónica provides them opportunities: educational opportunities for children, youngsters and adults, and productive opportunities for families and communities.

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