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The story of a commitment

Cruzada Patagónica Foundation is legally made up on 27th September, 1979; even though its gestation took many years.

It was founded by youngsters of around 24 years old. Most of them had recently got married and had got a degree in Buenos Aires.

It was not an espontaneus act: it was the result of different individual paths that led to a common one with the aim of working together for those who needed the possibility of development.

Some of the milestones of these years can be sum up into the following:

• 1979 - On September 27th, Cruzada Patagónica Foundation is legally formed, after evaluating other provinces and visiting the area on previous summers.
• 1980 - A land of 5 hectares is bought with the objective of building there CEI San Ignacio.
• 1981 - An office of the Foundation starts to operate in Junín de los Andes.
• 1982 - On 4th September, the CEI San Ignacio is inaugurated, providing a 3-years education to 60 youngsters from 14 years old. An agreement is signed with the "Consejo Provincial de Educación de Neuquén"
• 1983 - The Travelling Registry Office starts to operate. During all these years, it has issued four thousand DNI to rural residents of the area.
• 1984 - The Transport Service Compeñihuén starts to operate. During all these years it has carried more than 90 thousand passengers from and to the rural communities close to Junín de los Andes.
• 1987 - New workshops of Professional Training are incorporated in CEI San Ignacio. We start to receive tourists in CEI San Ignacio.
• 1990 - We start to bring Legal and Technical Assistante to the communities.
• 1994 - The project called "Granjas para el desarrollo" ("Farms for the development") is started. It helped make up the Rural Development area in the future.
• 1995 - On 4th September we inaugurated the Agro-technical Secondary School.
• 1997 - The three-years education in CEI San Ignacio is now a Semi distance primary school for adults. Teacher travel to the communities once a week.
• 1999 - The Residence for women of CEI San Ignacio is built. It is called "Casa de Alejandra" ("Alejandra's House").
• 2000 - First students to get the degree as Agro-Technicians.
• 2002 - Cruzada Patagonica starts the pedagogic and administrative management of Talita Kum, a private institute in Villa la Angostura. It started a projects called “A school, a farm”. They worked in 33 schools during six years building green houses and joining production and education.
• 2004 - In alliance with Misiones Rurales Argentinas, we start a proyect to creat a new center of agro-technical education in Cholila, Chubut.
• 2007 - The CEI San Ignacio caught fire. In only two weeks, classes start in places adapted for giving classes, thanks to the help of the community, the Government and some companies.
• 2008 - Classes start on 28th February in CEA Valle de Cholila with 30 students of agro-technical orientation. In September and October, the new buildings of CEI San Ignacio are inaugurated.
• 2009 - The Rural Development Area starts bringing refundable loans without interest rate to rural families in order to let them develop productive enterprises.
• 2010 - Thanks to the Sponsorship Programme, more students could get the degree of agrotechnical graduate.
• 2011 - Ashes from Puyehe Volcano complicated the situation of those families who lived on the breeding of sheep and goats. Cruzada Patagonica Foundation promoted a very important campaign bringing food and water to them.
• 2012 - CEI San Ignacio is now 30 years old.
• 2013 - The Foundation inaugurates the first student’s residence for women in Chubut. In December, the first group of agrotechnical students will get their degree.

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