Dedication and professionalism, together in a brilliant career

Created in 1982, CEI San Ignacio is located in Sancabao Valley, 10 km away from Junin de los Andes, Neuquen.

It includes an agro-technical High school, a primary school for adults (semi-distance education), and post primary school workshops for professional training.

Thanks to an agreement, the Neuquen Province pays the salary of teachers and many other expenses. The CEI San Ignacio is a public school with social management, free of charge and with a residence for students. It receives men and women from rural communities, some of them have to travel more than 500 km to reach the school.

Integral Education Centre "San Ignacio"
Inst. Inc. N I.18 Res. 0551/845
Ruta Provincial Nº 61 km 6,5, Valle de Sancabao
Q8371DFP Junín de los Andes - Neuquén
(0294) 15-458-1572

Central Administration : San Martín 678 | Q8371DFP Junín de los Andes, Neuquén, Argentine | (02972) 49-1262 |
Office at Buenos Aires : Agustin Alvarez 1502 Of. 10 | B1602, Florida, Buenos Aires, Argentine | +54 (011) 4795-7138 |

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